Student projects from our course at Aalto, spring 2018

We teach the course “Information Design II” as a part of the the Information Design track of the Master studies in Visual Communication Design at Aalto university. This year we gave our students the following open brief:

Pick a subject of interest and gather data about it. You may also choose to continue your project from Information Design I.

Study your subject carefully and develop a way to explain and represent it visually. You can focus on a particular aspect or strive to give a broader overview of the topic in question. Your work should include several graphics and represent both qualitative and quantitative (numerical) information.

Here’s a selection of interesting projects that were created during the course. Click images to enlarge.

Yentsen Liu: StatFin Database interface redesign

Yentsen did a thorough review of Statistics Finland’s PX-Web database interface and worked on a suggestion for a more usable and contemporary redesign. You can read a comprehensive explanation of the project here:

Helén Marton: (Mis)informed

Helén developed a concept for an online platform called (Mis)Informed. The purpose for the site is to combat misinformation by:
– hosting a public library of bad, misleading or straight-up deceiving information graphics/visualizations
– by offering educational material to assist in developing a critical eye when viewing graphics.
Helén is currently looking for collaborators to take this project further. Contact her via e-mail: mail{at}

Adina Renner: Flying Monkeys and a Wall of Silence

Adina wrote and designed a sketch for a thoughtful web article about how young athletes were systematically abused by the physician Larry Nassar. The goal was to make visible the web of connections, that made the abuse possible and allowed it to continue for years.

Lilla Tóth: When Hollywood says ‘I love you’

Chart of mentions of the term ”i love you” in hollywood films
Lilla used a collection of Hollywood movie scripts to investigate when – and how many times – male and female actors utter the words ‘I love you’ in different films.
Lilla’s portfolio is at

Liam Turner: Tracing the origins of California city names

Liam created an elegant map that looks at the historical and thematical origins of city names in California.
Liam’s portfolio is at


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